Dataloggers Data Acquisition Description

Dataloggers (or Data Logger, Data Recorder, Data Acquisition) refers to electronics designed to capture analog signals or measurements over time for study and review later.

Benefits of Dataloggers/Data Recorders
  • Quiet, unattended 24/7 operation
  • Simple to setup and operate. Many portable models available
  • Wide variety of measurement types and measurement speeds possible
  • Help troubleshoot and identify problems in many fields
  • Steady declining cost
Parts of a Datalogger/Data Recorder
  • Built in sensor, such as temperature, or electrical terminals to connect an external one
  • A/D or analog to digital converter and signal conditioning electronics
  • Non-volatile storage memory for the collected data and a method to specify the storage rate and on some models the scan interval
  • PC Communications or other method to move the data to a computer and to configure the unit
  • Optionally a local display and keypad. Not always needed, so “blind” units are a cost saving option
  • Optional Outputs. More advanced units may have alarm relays or can re-transmit signals to other equipment

   Hasil gambar untuk HOBO U12


    Hasil gambar untuk JK7000  Hasil gambar untuk applent   Hasil gambar untuk applent multi channel temperature

   16/24/32 Multi Channel              16 Ch Temperature              4 / 8 Ch Temperature Meter
   Temp/RH / Volt res 0.01                  Meter Res. 0.1

    Hasil gambar untuk GRAPHTEC GL240  Hasil gambar untuk graphtec gl840  TPB240 Integrated Multi Channel Temperature (92.9824561404%)

          GL-240  10-Ch                      GL-840  20-Ch              TPB240 Integrated
      Temp / Volt Data Logger       Temp / Volt Data Logger     Multi Channel Temp


    Hasil gambar untuk huato data logger S100     Hasil gambar untuk huato data logger    Hasil gambar untuk huato data logger 150

      S-100 RH/Temp                     HE-174 RH/Temp                    SP150-DP (Pressure)

    Hasil gambar untuk DeweSoft Kripton     (78.7719298246%)  Hasil gambar untuk 43A DeweSoft

    DeweSoft-Kripton                   DeweSoft - Sirius                     DeweSoft 43A


    Hasil gambar untuk wire thermocouple     Hasil gambar untuk OMEGA Wire Thermocouple    Thermocouple wire (51.6957862282%)

  Wire / Probe Thermocouple        Mini Connector                     Welder Fine Thermocouple