• GL840 midi LOGGR (65%)

    GL840 midi LOGGR

GL840 midi LOGGR

GL840 Data Logger

Quick Overview

The GL840 is a multi-channel stand alone data logger with isolated/universal inputs. The logger has 20 channels (expandable up to 200 channels) suitable for measuring voltage, current, thermocouples and RTD temperature inputs. The logger also expands to two different models for application specific use, plus a Wireless LAN allows the GL840 to be connected to the GL100 remote sensors or to a local network for remote access via a PC or smart devices. The GL840 comes with a 7" wide TFT colour LCD with waveform or digital options. The SD card slot allows for up to 32GB SDHC memory cards and the built-in USB port allows data transfer to PC or laptop and the Ethernet port allow for a wired connection to your network, or for direct computer connection, via web browser. The GL840 also allows FTP server functions and NTP synchronization with the Ethernet or WLAN ports.


GL840 Data Logger

The GL840-M, Multi Inputs Model, is designed for temperature measurement in multiple channels and the GL840-WV, Withstand Voltage Model, is designed for stacked high voltage battery application and high precision temperature measurement.


  • 20 channels in standard configuration, expandable up to 200 channels
  • 7" wide TFT colour LCD display with waveform or digital form option
  • Easy to use keypad menu system
  • 2 SD Memory Card Slots (Suitable for up to 32GB SDHC Type memory cards
  • 4GB SD Memory card installed in first SD Slot.
  • Optional Wireless LAN connection via SD Slot.
  • Connect the GL840 to a PC to transfer data or monitor data in real time
  • Connect the GL840 to a GL100-WL unit, max 40m range.
  • Remote monitoring of GL840 using LAN access point.
  • Remote monitoring of GL840 via Internet using router with dynamic DNS service
  • Optional battery for measurement in remote areas.
  • Record data directly to USB data stick
  • Free software to review / analyse data.

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Number of analog inputs

20 Channels, expandaple up to 200 channels


Measurement ranges


mV: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500mV.
V: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50V and 100V.
Temperature: Thermocouples K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, W
Humidity: 0-100%, with optional sensor, B-530).

Scan Speed

10ms to 1 hour (10ms to 50ms: voltage only). Minimum interval per channel.

PC Interface

USB 2.0, WLAN (using B-569 option)

Scaling Functions

Measured value can be converted to the specified engineering unit
• Analog voltage: Converts using four reference points (gain, offset)
• Temperature: Converts using two reference points (offset)
• Pulse count: Converts using two reference points (gain)


7" wide TFT colour LCD.

Waveform in Y-T with digital values, Waveform only, Digital value, Digital values
and statistics values

Display Language

English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Japanese.

Operating Environment

0-45°C, 5-85%RH. (0 to 40°C with battery pack, 15 to 35°C when charging)

Power Consumption

Max 38VA

External Dimensions

GL840-M: 240 x 158 x 52.5mm (excluding projections)
GL-840-WV: 240 x 166 x 52.5mm (excluding projections)


GL840-M: 1010g (excluding AC adapter and battery)
GL840-WV: 1035g (excluding AC adapter and battery)