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Infrared-temperature Type SemiTemp 509

Infrared-temperature hand-held measuring instrument Type SemiTemp 509

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Possible areas of application 

When it comes to temperature measurement technique and provided that a combination of simplest control and high measurement accuracy is required, then infrared thermometers will always be the first choice. This choice becomes a must, if one of the following requirements are given:

  • Deterioration-free measurement of moving components
  • Measurement of dangerous matter e.g. electrically life parts, chemically aggressive materials etc.
  • Measurement in inaccessible locations
  • Feedback-free measurement of small low-mass components

Without infrared-thermometers are these measurements almost unthinkable.


Hand-held infrared measuring instruments measure the surface temperature of an opaque object.
The instrument‘s optics detect emitted, reflected, and transmitted energy, which is collected and focused onto a detector.

The electronics translate this information into a temperature measurement and display the temperature. The laser pointer is only used as an pointing device. To measure a temperature, the hand-held measuring instrument is simply aimed at an object and the measurement activated. Here, the distance and associated spot size is to be observed.

The measuring spot size increases as the distance from the object to be measured increases. The ratio between distance and measuring spot size is represented as optical resolution. The higher the optical resolution, the smaller the measuring spot size is with the same distance.

Technical features

Temperature range -20...510 °C
Resolution 0.1
< 500 °C: ±(2 % of rdg. + 2 °C)
> 500 °C: ±(3 % of rdg. + 1 °C)
Optical resolution 12/1
Emissivity adjustable 0.10...1.00