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    Thermo Moisture Balances

Thermo Moisture Balances

-Thermo Moisture Balances


i-Thermo 163
A double case structure shields the heart of the balance from the oven heat.  Two latest generation microprocessors manage all functions and parameters of the instrument.

The i-Thermo 163 is a proven workhorse for moisture determination in raw and finished food and feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, construction materials and more.

The many on-board functions, ability to calibrate temperature, a backlit LCD display and RS232 interface ensure a complete and reliable instrument.

- LCD backlit display with adjustable contrast
- Double case construction
- RS232 serial interface
- Halogen infrared lamp
- Time operating mode: 1-99 minutes
- Auto-stop operating mode
- 5 drying programs may be stored
- Temperature range: 35-160°C / 1°C
- Drying resolution 0.01%
- Printout of weights and drying results
- 10 test pans included
- Plastic protection cover

Dimensions: 345x215x240h (mm)
Weight: 5kg (163M); 4.8Kg (163L)
Power supply 110-230Vac 50/60Hz; out 9V 1.2A 10VA
Plugs USA, EU, UK

- Calibration weight
- Serial printer TLP-50 with date/time
- PC connection cable
- Thermometer calibration kit
- Data transfer software

NEW!  i-Thermo Touch -- with advanced touch screen interface


Newest BEL Engineering
Moisture Analyzer

With touchscreen user interface, this lab and QC tool is efficient and productive.

The large, touch-screen display assures easy access to the instrument's many customizable settings: multi-user, multi-language, multi-program, multi-interface (RS232 or USB).  Up to 300 procedures and products may be stored, with rapid access to stored data.

Fast intuitive programming, in a Windows CE operating system, produces live visualization of the drying process, graphing, profiling and final GLP-ready reports.

i-Thermo 163 Moisture Balance Specifications


TGA-1000 Automated Thermogravimetric Analyzers


NAVAS Instruments TGA systems determine ash, volatiles and moisture in up to 12, 19, 38 or more samples automatically

Load samples in crucibles and run programmed procedures that are ASTM compliant. Significant time savings and reduced chances of operator error, plus greater user safety!

Learn more about the Navas TGA Ash / LOI systems..

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