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Weighing modules

Weighing modules

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Specifically adapted to our load cells, SIKA weighing modules form the best design basis for optimal measurement. The base plate with sensor mount provides an even and secure seating for the load cell. Clean load coupling is enabled by a compression fitting and the bearing-mounted top part of the module.

Integrated lift-off protection offers security. It prevents the top part of the weighing module from coming loose from the bottom part in the case of a tipping load. A special advantage is easy sensor replacement. If it needs to be replaced, the entire weighing module can be raised and locked using adjusting screws, even under load. In this way, the sensor can easily be removed and replaced.

These modules were specially developed to simplify the assembly of weighing and dispensing systems and for tanks, containers, silos, and stationary or vibrating funnels. Our weighing modules feature load self-alignment, lateral displacement compensation and height adjustment.

Weighing modules are provided for the following sensors::


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